Bottle Unscrambler

Designed for Pharmaceutical, Food and Cosmetic Industries

Bottle Unscrambler

PPS M Series Bottle unscrambler machines are designed to feed bottles to filling lines in a controlled and repeatable manner. The machine is useful not only because of its cost effectiveness and reduced labour requirements, but because of the enhanced hygiene and continuous and fast supply of bottles.

Designed for Pharmaceutical, Food and Cosmetic Industries

PPS M Series bottle unscrambler machines are designed primarily to fit into pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic production lines. They are aimed at today's ever changing market place that requires versatile equipment able to adapt to numerous size changes and offer gentle handling of containers within a single compact system. The PPS bottle unscrambler is a simplistic approach to container handling along with rapid change over time incorporating latest PLC technology and therefore will fill the needs of even the most demanding customers.

Works with Small Bottles to bulk tablet packs

Our full range of bottle unscrambling machines will suit bottles and containers of a wide range of sizes and industries sectors ranging from small tablet bottles all the way through larger capacity bottles used for bulk packs

At Speeds From 80 to 250 Bpm

The full range of systems are capable of speeds from 80 bottles per minute with very compact footprints to 250 bottles per minute solutions and all feature simple format changes to maximise flexibility.

Reduced Cost and Noise Due to Special Design which Operates Without Air

Most PPS machines are designed to operate without air which drastically reduces the operation costs associated typically with this type of machine whilst at the same time reducing the noise output and the need for addition acoustic guarding and covers.

Standard Features on All Machines

  • Stainless steel and anodised aluminium construction
  • Totally enclosed machine
  • Compact model - integrated hopper and elevator
  • No tools, quick and easy change over
  • Speeds up to 250 BPM (depending on container size and configuration)
  • Low level sensor in hopper
  • Integral scanners monitoring the flow of containers

Type of Machine

Bottle Diameter/width (mm)

Bottle Height (mm)

Max Speed

PPS M800




PPS M1000




PPS M1200




PPM M Series Bottle Unscrambler parameters and capacity.