Vericount Tablet Top Count Verification System


Vericount is the latest evolution in check counting and is designed specifically for online process control.

Vericount Features Include:

  • All product types counted, no change parts
  • Checks batch sizes up to 9,999
  • Accurate counting - products are counted twice in a single pass due to design incorporating two high speed infrared counting sensors
  • Latest cGMP design

Touchscreen Controls Allow for Ease-of-Use

Vericount has a microprocessor based control system with a membrane control panel and LCD for easy parameter changes by the operator. All machine parameters and settings are password protected where required for access control. The system can store 1000 product codes for instant recall of all parameters. The systems learn function will allow the automatic set up of counting sensors so doubles, part tablets and dust can be detected.

Upgrade to Vericount Batch to Count Batches of Preset Quantity from 1-9999

This upgrade includes a tablet gating assembly which is positioned between the count head block and bottle chute. When target count is achieved the gate closes and signals the feeder to stop. Once the filled bottle has been replaced the operator restarts the process and cycle continues. This compact solution offers many possibilities including counting into sachets and automated pharmacy applications.