Pharmacount 180 Gummy

Electronic Tablet Counter for Pharmaceutical Tablet Packaging Operations

Pharmacount 180

The Pharmacount 180 gummy system combines proven product feed technology with the latest in electronic controls and infrared count heads for extreme accuracy. Thanks to its larger product feeder the counter has the ability to feed and count larger tablets and capsules as well as the slightly sticky gummy vitamins which are becoming a popular delivery system for vitamins.

To further benefit the product feed in gummy applications the Pharmacount 180 Gummy is available with secondary bulk feeding solutions to aid the feed and separation of the product to allow a controlled feed to the counters. A patented vortex forced air funnel arrangement to also available to aid the flow of product into the bottle neck to maximise the line output and minimise the risk of blockages where product has clumped.

Pharmacount 180 Gummy Features Include:

  • Speeds up to 100 bottles per minute depending on product size and count.
  • Stainless steel contact parts are designed to be easily removed without the requirement for any tools. Contact parts are also available with a rigidized finish for sticky products and capsules.
  • High speed infrared sensors scanning at 34,000 times per second for high accuracy counting of all tablets and capsules as well as transparent soft and hard gelatine capsules.
  • Integrated chip and dust extraction system.
  • Horizontal and elevating bulk feeder options available.

Designed to Achieve Optimum Product Control and Speed

Format free vibratory feed trays provide the optimum product control and speed as gummies are regulated consistently by the bulk feeder and feed trays. Every element of the feed system can be individually controlled to allow perfect set up every time.

Flexfill System Ensures High Speeds and Accuracy on Smaller Counts

The Pharmacount “Flexifill” system which is standard on the Pharmacount 180 to allow the optimum configuration for any pack or product combination. Flexifill allows the user to operate the system with trap boxes so smaller counts are completed into the trap box and discharged into the bottle in one drop. This method allows counting to continue whilst bottles are indexed and results in higher speeds. With its open front chute arrangement the count and batching operation is highly visible allowing the parameters to be optimised for maximum speed whilst maintaining absolute control and accuracy.

Counting Technology Adjusts to Compensate for Dust, Humidity and Temperature when Necessary

High speed infrared sensors scanning at 34,000 times per second are responsible for high accuracy counting of all tablets and capsules as well as transparent soft and hard gelatine capsules. These latest generation sensors have “onboard” microprocessors which automatically trend and adjust the count trigger point during production to compensate for dust, humidity or temperature when necessary. These microprocessors also ensure that the count sensors are always at their optimum performance and as a result don’t require any routine calibration. This factor therefore removes the maintenance costs associated with such an operation. The count heads are virtually immune to dust and will count all products with high accuracy from 2.5mm in size.

Pharmacount Touchscreen Controls Facilitate Changeover, Allow for Statistical Data Reporting and Provide Four security Levels

The touch-screen control panel allows easy access to machine and product parameters and gives the operator good visibility of the complete filling process. The product library can store up to 1000 different set-ups and offers instant recall of both product and machine parameters.

Conveyor and reject system controls are configurable from within the control system to allow total process control and full statistical data is stored and can be printed if required.

The system has four security levels so that operators, supervisors and engineers can have differing access authorities and the system can be fully validated and full documentation is available. 21 CFR compliant controls with encrypted login with username and password is also available.