Pharmacount 2-2

Low Volume Electronic Tablet Counter

Pharmacount 2-2

The Pharmacount 2-2 available in semi-automatic and automatic configurations is highly versatile and will count all tablets and capsules without change parts.

Pharmacount 2-2 Features Include:

  • All product types counted at up to 2,500 tablets/minute depending on product size and count
  • Latest cGMP design
  • High speed infrared sensors
  • Microprocessor controls

Touchscreen Controls Allow for Quick Setup From One Product to Another

Pharmacount 2-2 features a microprocessor based control system with a colour touchscreen panel for easy parameter changes by the operator. Parameters and settings are password protected where required for access control. The system can store 1000 product codes for instant recall of all parameters. Settable parameters include product type, pre-count target; total count required and tablet feeder speed. The Pharmacount 2-2 can also be set-up to count two different products simultaneously with specific count targets for each product with total control and accuracy.

Increase Packaging Line Output by Upgrading to an Automatic Pharmacount 2-2

Pharmacount 2-2 Auto is also available, which is a conveyor based system with a motorised power lift arrangement that allows bottles of differing heights to be filled. Bottles are fed to the counter by a conveyor and a pneumatic indexing system is synchronised with the control system to index empty bottles into the counter and filled bottles out.