Pharmalift Tablet Feeder Provides a Large Capacity Bulk Hopper


The Pharmalift is the ideal bulk feeder for integration with either tablet counting machines or blister machines.

Pharmalift Features Include:

  • Large product hopper at low level
  • Limited contact parts for quick clean down
  • No change parts
  • Latest cGMP design
  • Can be positioned behind or beside the tablet counter according to footprint

Pharmalift provides a large capacity bulk hopper at operator level that will feed on demand to the filling machine. Touch-screen / PLC control system allows the vibratory feed speed to be optimized for each product and allows start and stop functions as well as test and displays machine status and any alarm signals.

Dust and Chip Extraction System Removal Prior to Delivering to Tablet Counter or Blister Machines

Linear vibratory drive feeds product over perforated section to remove dust and chips before passing the product in the elevator lift bucket. When the bucket is filled to correct level with product it is raised by a pneumatic rod-less cylinder.