Bespoke electronic counting machine designed for bagging/sachet machinery

Pharmacount 180

The SachetCount is a Bespoke electronic counting machine designed to be integrated with bagging/sachet making machinery. The SachetCount allows filling of multiple products into a single pack or various combinations of product and pack format including day/night combinations. Combining proven technology and a microprocessor-based control system and the latest evolution in infrared counting technology the SachetCount features vibratory non product specific product feeders to feed the tablets to the high speed counting heads. The Sachetcount has the ultimate flexibility and can count any product form in variable formats without any requirement for change parts.


  • Output speeds of up to 400 sachets per minute
  • High-speed, reliable and accurate
  • Flexibility of product combination
  • No special format parts needed
  • Capable of packaging all tablet and capsule forms

The counting system utilises the latest counting sensors with ‘onboard’ microprocessor for highest level of reliability and accuracy and an automatic learn process can be adopted for machine set up. The count sensors scan 34,000 times per second and can count tablets, caplets and all capsule forms including transparent soft gels of all sizes.

The system is capable of counting multiple individual product types including a wide range of tablets and capsules forms. Where required it is possible to configure higher counts (sachet size permitting) and differing combinations of products.

The SachetCount system is ultimately flexible allowing easy product or quantity variations for each sachet that can be electronically programmed to meet customer specification. This offers not only huge time savings but is cost effective and sustainable for your future operations.



The SachetCount qualified us to win the “Business & Product Innovation Award” at the National FSB Awards in 2019. Judges specifically recognised the innovative pedigree of the business and its development of the ‘SachetCount’ machine.

The product also earned us a special mention by FSB National Chairman Mike Cherry who said: “This is an example of a small business at the cutting edge of technology creating an innovative product that is helping people all across the world. It is businesses like this that contribute so much to the local and wider economy driving innovation, creating jobs and stimulating growth. It is right that we all recognise this contribution.”