Line Integration

Pharma Packaging Systems offer a full range of systems from our own product line but also offer a full integration service to allow complete turnkey lines to be supplied where customers require a single supplier. Where this service is required, PPS will take responsibility for all aspects of the line by procuring suitable machinery from our carefully selected partners, taking delivery at our facility and building into the packaging line in readiness for the customer to test the complete line.

Within the integration service we not only procure the machines but also integrate and install into the line to allow a single point services connection (Power and Air) for the complete system with distribution to individual machines taken care of in dual channel trunking, we also include centralised emergency stop integration as well as line control systems. We offer full training and backup support from our factory trained engineers for all machines offered and as such a single point of contact is available for the complete package.

Bottle Cleaning

Bottle Cleaning

Dessicant Inserters


Conveyor Covers


Bottle Cleaning Systems For Tablet Counter Packaging Lines

PPS builds two bottle cleaning systems for integration into packing lines depending on the line speed and the level of cleaning required.

ILBB-60 is an intermittent motion, non-inverting system for line speeds up to 60 bottles per minute. The machine will use the indexing system to position up to 4 bottles under the cleaning head and a diving deionised air wash and vacuum/blowing head is positioned above the bottles and a timed cleaning cycle will commence  before releasing the bottles downstream. The system is suitable for glass and plastic bottles of typical pharmaceutical sizes.

ILBB-200 is a continuous fully inverting cleaning system and allows line speeds of up to 200 bottles per minute. Bottles are feed via conveyer and driven into the inverter devices by a simple star-wheel at high speed and at this point all bottles are exposed to a deionising air wash to release any static charge. Then a formatted inverter turns the bottle upside down where it is then passed over a deionising air cleaner and vacuum combination to release and remove any contamination from the bottle. This system allows higher speeds with full bottle inversion for validated cleaning applications on both glass and plastic bottles.

Desiccant Inserters for Tablet Packaging Lines

Automatic Inserters are available for both canister and pouch type desiccant packs to suit a wide range of line speed applications.

The C-DI range of Inserters are suitable for canister type desiccant packs and with format parts these are able to feed and dispense a wide range of canister sizes at varying output speeds up to 120 bottles per minute. Canisters are feed and orientated using a universal vibratory bowl feeder and then discharged into formatted chutes to allow control and feed to the waiting bottles. The machine is flexible and will allow single or multiple inserting and also depending on speed requirement can be configured as a duplex or triplex accordingly.

The desiccant inserter can be combined with a check weighing system to confirm the correct desiccant presence where products are highly moisture sensitive and also combined with controlled environmental enclosures to ensure the integrity of the canisters.

The P-DI range is suited to reel based pouch desiccant packs and allows extremely high speeds of up to 350 bottles per minute. A reel of desiccant pouches is loaded onto the machine (typically 10,000+ pouches per reel) and these are fed through a driven belt arrangement to the neck of the bottle where the print recognition devices will determine the correct position and cut the pouch from the reel to allow insertion into the bottle. Insert confirmation sensors or available to confirm the presence and single or multiple pouches can be inserted.

Both desiccant type inserters are suitable for plastic or glass bottles, are available to suit different line speeds and feature menu driven touchscreen control systems and can be fully validated to suit pharmaceutical applications.

Conveyor Covers

For applications where product or customer demands it we can offer different cover systems for the conveyors to protect open bottles from possible contamination or operator intervention. There are various levels possible from simple hood type covers to fully sealed and interlocked with connection ports for environmentally controlled air flow.