Business & Product Innovation Award

On 23rd May 2019, the PPS team headed down to London for the FSB Award UK Finals and Chairman’s Dinner. We were finalists in both the “Employer of the Year Category” and the “Business and Product Innovation” category after taking home the Awards at the West Midlands regional event. While this meant we had 2 shots at an award so to speak…  we knew the competition would be tough!

The event itself was hosted by Meera Syal, comedian and actress who rose to prominence on British comedy “Goodness Gracious Me”. She was an excellent host, passionate about small businesses and very funny!

The winners were announced one by one over the course of the evening. There are so many fantastic businesses that have achieved great things, it was great to be a part of celebrating that success.

We lost out on the Employer of the Year award to worthy winner DBS Internet Marketing based in Lincolnshire. However, we were absolutely thrilled to be named the UK Winner of the Business & Product Innovation Award! To win an award so integral to what we do is an incredible achievement for PPS as a business and for each and every member of staff who contribute to our innovative solutions every day.

Here’s what our Director Andrew Kennedy had to say about winning the award: “It’s great to be taking home the Business & Product Innovation Award. It is recognition of the hard work and dedication of the Pharma team! I truly believe that our products are not just an innovation for our business but the whole market. It saves time, is cost-effective and sustainable. We look forward to continuing to showcase our products in new and exciting places across the world!”

As the night drew to a close, all that was left to announce was the UK Small Business of the Year. This year, the award went to a fantastic family business, Cruise Loch Ness from Scotland.

Pharma Packaging Systems were lucky enough to receive a special mention in this category by the FSB Chairman Mike Cherry, notably for our new innovative “Sachetcount” range. He said: “This is an example of a small business at the cutting edge of technology creating an innovative product that is helping people all across the world. It is businesses like this that contribute so much to the local and wider economy driving innovation, creating jobs and stimulating growth. It is right that we all recognise this contribution.”

What an amazing night for PPS!